SNUBI Research :: This Week  (7 talks satisfying date is from 2021-01-25 to 2021-01-30)
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25 홍진희 Azathioprine side effects among IBD in UKBB  TopicSem
25 서명의 Known mutations in ribosomal binding site of rRNA genes of H.pylori  TopicSem
28 조민아 Association study in IBD patients after NOD2 conditioning  TopicSem
28 임영균 Variants comparison with two calling methods in tacrolimus samples  TopicSem
28 이우승 TNBC Survival Analysis   MAInfo
30 권호식 Real world scenarios in rare variant association analysis: the impact of imbalance and sample size on the power in silico     J.Club
30 임영균 e-MutPath: computational modeling reveals the functional landscape of genetic mutations rewiring interactome networks     J.Club

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