SNUBI Research :: This Week  (11 talks satisfying date is from 2019-12-09 to 2019-12-14)
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09 임영균 Genetic polymorphism influences the pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus  TopicSem
09 부은경 Variant-level Analysis for Parkinson's Disease  TopicSem
09 박유미 The GenomeAsia 100K Project enables genetic discoveries across Asia  SysBiol
09 김효정 Warfarin dosing guideline review  BioEMR
09 김효정 Warfarin dosing guideline review  BioEMR
12 김형준 PHR validation and PHR data segments in Healthavatar blockchain  TopicSem
12 한봄 CBZ-induced SCAR  TopicSem
12 권호식 MAC: identifying and correcting annotation for multi-nucleotide variations  xMutant
12 이우승 Packaging Novel Gene-Wide Copy Number Variation Detection Algorithm  MAInfo
14 김효정 Genomic Information for Clinicians in the Electronic Health Record: Lessons Learned From the Clinical Genome Resource Project and the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics Network     J.Club
14 최선 Medical device surveillance with electronic health records     J.Club

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