CCR+ : Development of PHR Data Exchange Networks and Platform
using CCR/CCD Standard in Mobile Smartphone Environment


  • Background
  • Project goal
  • Phases of Project
  • Reference
  • Background

     Recently, growing number of smartphone user and rapid pace of technological development of cloud system provide new chance of personal health record (PHR). A PHR is a health record and information related to the care of a patient. Personal health records offer a number of potential benefits to patients, their physicians and the health care system1. These include empowerment of patients, improved patient-provider relationships, increased patient safety, improved quality of care, more efficient delivery of care, better safeguards on health information privacy, and bigger cost savings.
     Despite the need to centralize patient information, PHR adoption and development has been very low. Due to the fragmentation of medical record by hospitals, it is hard to build PHR. In this project, we solve this problem using the international standard, named ASTM Continuity of Care Record (CCR), for PHR and developing PHR exchange network and platform. The CCR is a standard for the creation of electronic summaries of patient health. It aims to improve the quality of health care and reduce medical errors by making current information readily available to physicians2. This project draws on the expertise and resources of four university hospitals, National Rehabilitation Center, Bohun hospital, and 34 medical centers which composed of The Korean association of regional pubic hospitals.

    Project goal

    A goal of the CCR+ project is to develop PHR data exchange networks and platform using international standard, named CCR or CCD, in mobile smartphone environment.


    Phases of project

    The CCR+ project is composed by three phases to develop PHR data exchange networks and platform in mobile smartphone environment.

    Phase 1: Development of infrastructure

  • Analysis and development of PHR international standards, named CCR/CCD
  • Designing and development of PHR platform, named CarePlatform
  • Development of PHR application in smartphone environment for general, cancer or dialysis patient
  • Data extraction and mapping from EMR systems to CCR/CCD
  • Phase 2: Development of pilot system

  • EMR data conversion to CCR/CCD XML document
  • Development of ISO/IEC 11179 based metadata registry
  • Development of Pilot system for PHR exchange network among multiple organizations
  • Phase 3: Expansion and application of PHR networks and platform

  • Expansion of PHR exchange network to various disease and hospitals
  • Development and dissemination of CarePlatform and API
  • Development and application of clinical decision support module in various disease and hospitals


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    2. ASTM International. ASTM E2369?05, standard specification for Continuity of Care Record (CCR). Available at: Accessed April 6, 2006.