Program at a Glance

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012
Welcoming reception for the OC members, TBC 2012
OC Board Meeting with Welcoming Dinner

TGC 2012: Translational Genomics Conference 2012

  Regency Ballroom
9:00~10:00AM Registration
10:00~10:10AM Opening of TGC 2012
Chair, Organizing committee
Hae-Il Cheong (Seoul National University)
10:10~11:10AM Keynote I: Exome sequencing in mendelian disorders
Chair, Woong-Yang Park
Naomichi Matsumoto  (Yokohama City University, Japan)
11:10~1:00PM Invited Session I : Translational Genomics for Rare Diseases
Chair, Hae-Il Cheong, Director, Research Coordination Center for Rare Diseases, SNUH
Murim Choi  (Yale University, USA)
Woong-Yang Park  (Seoul National University, Korea)
Chang-Seok Ki  (Samsung Medical Center, Korea)
Dong-Sup Kim  (KAIST, Korea)
1:00~ 2:00PM Lunch
2:00~ 3:00PM Keynote II: Ultraconserved nonsense: gene regulation by alternative splicing & RNA surveillance
Chair, Jinsoo Kim,
Steven E. Brenner (Berkley University, USA)
3:00~ 3:30PM
Coffee Break
3:30~ 5:30PM Invited Session II:
Chair, Yonsoo Lee
Jinsoo Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
Ji-Yeob Choi (Seoul National University, Korea)
Wonshik Han (Seoul National University, Korea)
Jongil Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
6:00~ 6:30PM Closing
Chair, Organizing committee
Cheong HI

TBC 2012 Day 1
Translational Bioinformatics Conference

  Opening Paper Session, TBC2012  (Terrace Ballroom)

1:00 ~ 3:30PM

Poster Exhibition and Viewing (Day 1)
Session S1. Human Genome Sequence Analysis
Chair: Sael Lee (SUNY Korea)
3:30~4:45PM S1-1 MiST:Variant-detection through Whole-exome Sequencing
Sailakshmi Subramanian
S1-2 Improve the Nucleotide Coding Technique, Use Support Vector Machine, Get the Better Accuracy: Survey of Human SpliceSite Prediction
A.T.M. Bari
S1-3 New Features of MTRAP Alignment and Its Advantage: All-in-one Interface for Sequence Analysis,MSA and the Support for Non-coding RNA            
Toshihide Hara
Session S2. Cancer Genome Informatics
Chair: Hyun Goo Woo (Ajou Univ.)


S2-1 Computational Methods for Cancer Subtype Classification using Integrated Data
Shinuk Kim
S2-2 A Combination Algorithm for 5-Year Survivability of Breast Cancer Patient Classification
Kung-Jeng Wang
S2-3 Gene Interaction-Level Cancer Classification using Gene Expression  Profiles
Ashis Saha


Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012
TBC 2012 Day 2
Translational Bioinformatics Conference

Three day conference with paper competitions
Regency and Terrace Ballrooms, Hyatt Regency in Jeju

Regency Ballroom
Terrace Ballroom
9:00~ 6:00PM Registration
9:30~10:00AM Opening TBC 2012
10:00~10:50AM Keynote I: Turning protein networks into ontologies
Trey Ideker
(UC San Diego)
Session S3. Bio/Medical Data Mining
Chair: Hyunjung Shin (Ajou Univ.)
S4. Semantic Biology/Medicine
Chair: Raewoong Park (Ajou Univ.)
11:00~ 11:25AM S3-1 Globally Inferring Targets From Phenotypic Small-Molecule Screens
S. Joshua Swamidass
S4-1 Semantic PubMed Searches
Illhoi Yoo
11:25~ 11:50AM S3-2 More Reproducible Results from Small-sample Clinical Genomics Studies by Multi-parameter Shrinkage, with Application to Highthroughput RNA Interference Screening Data
Mark van de Wiel
S4-2 Research Domain Grouping and Analysis in Bioinformatics Domain using Text Mining
Junbeom Kim
11:50~ 12:15PM S3-3 Breast Cancer Survivability Prediction with Labeled, Unlabeled, and Pseudo-Labeled Patient Data
Juhyeon Kim
S4-3 ICD-9 Tobacco Use Codes are Effective Identifiers of Smoking Status
Laura K. Wiley
12:15~ 1:10PM
1:10~ 2:00PM Keynote II: Understanding complex human disease through cell-lineage specific networks
Olga Troyanskaya 
(Princeton University)
 Session S5. Network Biology/Medicine I
Chair: In Suk Lee (Yonsei Univ.)
S6. Functional and Structural Modeling
Chair: Dongsup Kim (KAIST)
 2:00~ 2:25PM S5-1 Extracting of Coordinated Patterns of DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in Ovarian Cancer
Je-Gun Joung

S6-1 Diplotyper: Diplotype-based Association Analysis
Sunshin Kim

 2:25~ 2:50PM S5-2 Network Models of GWAS Uncover the Topological Centrality of Protein Interactions in Complex Disease Traits
Younghee Lee

S6-2 Computational Studies of  Posttranslational Modifications
Zexian Liu

 2:50~ 3:15PM S5-3 Identification of Multiple Gene- Gene Interactions for Ordinal Phenotypes
Kyunga Kim

S6-3 Efficiency of Spatial Model in Assigning Protein Sequences to Protein Families    
Hamid Pezeshk

 3:15~ 3:40PM S5-4 Key Genes for Modulating Information Flow Play a Temporal Role as Breast Tumor Coexpression Networks are Dynamically Rewired by Letrozole
Nadia Penrod

S6-4 Computational Approach for Protein Structure Prediction
Amouda Nizam

3:40~ 4:10PM
Coffee Break
Poster Viewing
4:10~ 5:00PM

Keynote III: A Protein-Domain approach for analysis of disease mutations.
Maricel Kann
(U. of Maryland Baltimore County)
Chair: Kwang-Hwi Cho (Soongsil Univ.)

5:00~ 6:00PM Keynote IV: Computational Intelligence Strategies for Embracing the Complexity of Genetic Architecture
Jason Moore
(Dartmouth University)
Chair: Kwang-Hwi Cho (Soongsil Univ.)

Dinner Beach Party
Poster Viewing

Monday, Oct. 15, 2012
TBC 2012 Day 3
Translational Bioinformatics Conference

Three day conference with paper competitions
Regency and Terrace Ballrooms, Hyatt Regency in Jeju
Regency Ballroom
Terrace Ballroom

Keynote V: Big Data needs Good Tools: Translational Bioinformatics in Cell Innovation Project
Takashi Gojobori
(National Institute of Genetics)
Chair: Hojin Choi (KAIST)

Session S7. Disease Genome Informatics
Chair: Chaeyoung Lee (Soongsil Univ.)
S8. Cancer Genome and Disease
10:00~10:25AM S7-1 Revealing Molecular Mechanism of Rare Mental Disorders
Emil Alexov
S8-1 Personalized Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer by Integrating Genomic Data with Clinical Data
Younchul Kim
10:25~10:50AM S7-2 Comparative Genomics Revealed General Evolutionary Trends of Insulin
Elbashir Abbas
S8-2 The Role of Genetic Heterogeneity and Epistasis in Bladder Cancer Susceptibility and Outcome: A Learning Classifier System Approach
Ryan Urbanowicz
10:50~11:15AM S7-3 An Information-Gain Approach to Detecting Three-Way Epistatic Interactions in Genetic Association Studies
Ting Hu
S8-3 Multiclass Cancer Classification Using Gene Expression Comparisons
Sitan Yang
11:15~11:40AM S7-4 Rare Variant Analysis Using Publically Available Biological Knowledge
Carrie Moore
S8-4 Curation-Free Biomodules Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer Predict Recurrent Disease
James L Chen
11:40~ 1:00PM
 1:00~ 2:00PM Keynote VI: New Approaches to Understanding the Genetic Component to Common Human Disease.
Nancy Cox
(Chicago University) 
Chair: Ju Han Kim (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
Session S9. Drug and Biomarker Discovery
Chair: Sun Choi (Ewha Univ.)
S10. Network Biology/Medicine II
Chair: KiYoung Lee (Ajou Univ.)
2:00~ 2:25PM S9-1 Comparison and Validation of Genomic Predictors for Anticancer Drug Sensitivity
Simon Papillon-Cavanagh
S10-1 Detection of Pleiotropy through a Phenome-Wide Association Study (PheWAS) in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES)
Molly Hall
2:25~ 2:50PM S9-2 Improve Binding Affinity by Twin Adhesive Drugs Mined in-between Docking Bio-mimicry Omega-shape Nona-peptide Agretope on HLA-1 Pit
Chun-Fan Chang
S10-2 Analysis of Type 2 Diabetes GWAS Dataset using Expanded Gene Set Enrichment Analysis and Protein-Protein Interaction Network
Chiyong Kang
2:50~ 3:15PM S9-3 Altering Physiological Networks Using Drugs: Steps Towards Personalized Physiology
Adam Grossman
S10-3 Integrative Analysis of Congenital Muscular Torticollis: from Gene Expression to Clinical Indication          
Shin-Young Yim
3:15~ 3:40PM S9-4 Compensating for Literature Annotation Bias when Predicting Novel Drug-Disease Relationships through Medical Subject Heading Over-representation Profile (MeSHOP) Similarity
Warren Cheung
S10-4 Detecting Early-warning Signals of Type 1 Diabetes and Its Leading Biomolecular Networks by Dynamic al Network Biomarkers
Xiaoping Liu
3:40~ 4:00PM
Coffee Break
Poster Viewing
4:00~ 5:00PM Keynote VII: Dynamic conservation of gene co-expression and oncogene deciphering
Yi-Xue Li
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Chair: Sanghyuk Lee (KOBIC)
5:00~ 6:00PM Keynote VIII: Informatics to enable precision medicine: achievements, obstacles and opportunities
Jessica Tenenbaum 
(Duke University)
Chair: Sanghyuk Lee (KOBIC)
6:00~ 6:30PM

Special Remark on Translational Bioinformatics Paper Publications and TBC 2011 & 2012, by the Chief Editor of JAMIA  - Lucila Ohno-Machado (UC San Diego)
Closing Ceremony

  Dinner on your own

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012
TBC 2012 Day 4
General Assembly, TBC 2012
Satellite meeting, BIOINFO 2012 sponsored by Korean Society of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Regency Ballroom
8:30~09:00AM Registration and BIOINFO 2012 announcement
9:00~09:10AM Opening Remark
Sanghyuk Lee (President, Korean Society for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology)
Session S1 Bio big data processing and integration
      Chair: Sun Kim (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
9:10~09:30AM S1-1 Unified framework for multi-level biosystem modeling
        Doheon Lee (KAIST)
9:30~09:50AM S1-2 Rapid denoising of pyrosequenced amplicons for metagenomics
        Sungroh Yoon (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
9:50~10:10AM S1-3 Integrative approaches for DNA copy number aberrations in cancer
        Hyunju Lee (GIST)
10:10~10:30AM S1-4 Reference-assisted post-assembly of a de novo assembled genome
        Jaebum Kim (Konkuk Univ.)

Coffee Break
Poster Viewing

Session S2 Next-generation sequencing for next-generation biology
      Chair: Jung Kyoon Choi (KAIST)
10:50~11:10AM S2-1 Regulation of nucleosome positioning and modification in transcription factor binding regions
        Jung Kyoon Choi (KAIST)
11:10~11:30AM S2-2 Genome-wide decoding of mRNA and miRNA maps
        Sung Wook Chi (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
11:30~11:50AM S2-3 Unraveling of design principle in bacterial genomes
        Byung-Kwan Cho (KAIST)
11:50~12:10AM S2-4 Application of NGS in improvement of efficiency in radiotherapy
        Buhyun Youn (Pusan Nat. Univ.)

Poster Viewing

Session S3 Computational biology-molecular modeling/simulations
      Chair: Keun Woo Lee (Gyeongsang Nat. Univ.)
13:10~13:30PM S3-1 Protein function prediction by community detection of a PPI network
        Jooyoung Lee (KIAST)
13:30~13:50PM S3-2 Structural and thermodynamic investigation of protein aggregation in water
        Sihyun Ham (Sookmyung Women's Univ.)
13:50~14:10PM S3-3 Single-molecule study on DNA mismatch repair protein
        Jong-Bong Lee (POSTECH)
14:10~14:30PM S3-4 Barriers and wells to ion translocation in the Connexin 26 Hemi-channel
        Myunggi Yi (Pukyong Nat. Univ.)
14:30~14:50PM Coffee Break
Session S4 Systems biology: evolution to translational medicine
      Chair: Daehee Hwang (POSTECH)
14:50~15:10PM S4-1 Sociology in the genetic world
        Pan-Jun Kim (APCTP)
15:10~15:30PM S4-2 Genome-wide analysis and modeling of CpG methylation in 30 breast cancer cell lines
        Sun Kim (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
15:30~15:50PM S4-3 Opening the systemic analysis of ubiquitination-mediated protein regulation network
        Gwan-Su Yi (KAIST)
15:50~16:10PM S4-4 Alteration of epigenome landscaping is linked to neurodegeneration
        Hoon Ryu (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
Closing Ceremony (TBC / BIOINFO)


Terrace Ballroom

T1 Challenges in Bioinformatics (Student Session)
      Chair: Daehee Hwang (POSTECH)


T1-1 Large-scale reverse docking profiles and their applications
        Minho Lee (KAIST)


T1-2 miRGator 3.0: a microRNA portal for deep sequencing, expression, and microRNA target investigation
        Yukyung Jun (Ewha Univ.)


T1-3 Global loss of CG methylation potentiates defense response of Arabidopsis thaliana
        Daeseok Choi (POSTECH)


T1-4 Performance comparison of two GSA methods for GWAS results
        Ji Sun Kwon (Soongsil Univ.)


T1-5 Development of the exon graph for identificaiton of peptides and proteins
        Hyun Woo Kim (Hanyang University)


T2 Symposium for the Association of Industry, Academy and Research Institutes
      Chair: Jong Eun Lee (DNA Link)


T2-1 Overview of Next Generation Sequencing Technology
        Sujin Kim (DNA Link)


T2-2 Applications using Single Molecule Real-Time(SMRT) Sequencing Technology
        Siddharth Singh (PacBio)


T2-3 Introduction to MiSeq Data Analysis and Cloud Computing
        Kyunga Kim (BMS)


Poster Viewing