Personalizing Care through Pattern Recognition in Genomic and Health Records: Opportunities Ahead

Lucila Ohno-MachadoUC San Diego   Lucila

Exploring Systems and Personalized Medicine through Translational Bioinformatics

Atul Butte, Stanford University   Atul

Network and State Space Models: Science and Science Fiction Approaches to Cell Fate Predictions

John Quackenbush,  Dana Faber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health   John

Phenotype-Genotype Associations in DNA Biobanks Linked to Electronic Medical Records

Marylyn D. Ritchie, Pennsylvania State University   Marylyn

Linking Genetic Variants to the Universe of Biological Data

William Bush, Vanderbilt University   William

Clinical Bioinformatics in Development of Biomarkers

Xiangdong Wang, Fudan University   Xiandong

Knowledge Enhancement through Intra-relation, Inter-relation, and Integration of Different Levels of Genomic Data

Hyunjung Helen Shin, Ajou University   Helen